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If you plan on taking on the time consuming task of making large transfers yourself here are some good articles with tips on the process.

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Thanks for taking an interest in getting all of those old pictures, films and other media transferred to digital for easy storage, sharing and access to those great memories.

Although most transfers can be done by hand with a computer and some software and specialized hardware we understand that many people would rather just put all of it into a box and then send it in to a popular nationwide film transfer company.

A few tips before you send the materials in are to seperate and label everything for easier filing.

The most common types of media sent in would be.

8mm and 16mm Film


Old Photos

Old Movies

Film Reels

VHS Tapes

Most companies that offer some transfer services will offer transfer of the most common file types. Customers can choose if they would like the files stored on DVD, CD, or Digital File Formats.